Where I Shop

In the spring I plant a huge vegetable garden as nothing beats fresh produce!  If I cannot grow it, I try and shop as local as possible.  Hitting the farmers markets every Saturday or stopping past our local market - Turner's Farmers Market (located just north of Ingersoll on Hwy #2.)

In most of my cooking, I do use whole milk straight from the cow.  Being a farmer's wife does give me advantages.  This fall, I made my own butter andI  am in the process of learning how to make cheese.  The simple life is really what I am all about.  Making my own breads, cheeses, butter, growing my own beef, and chickens.  I know what I put into them, so I know what I am getting out.

In this section, I will be posting great little spots to shop as well if there are any sales or coupons!