About Me

Hi! I'm Lainie, and welcome to my blog! 

A little about me.  I am married to a dairy farmer and located in southwestern Ontario.  Also, I own and operate a successful photography business!   My passion for cooking started when I was very young, following my mother around in the kitchen and learning from my Oma.  What really started this devotion to delicious 'tummy treats' is my dutch heritage.  I traveled to Holland almost 10 years ago, and can still remember the baked goods I got to enjoy.  Holland is well known for their pastries and after my increase in pant size I can see why!

It’s the simple things in life that make us happy and for me food and drink are at the root of that. Food provokes an emotional response and can bring people together and I guess that’s what I’ve always loved about cooking.

In this blog, I hope to bring new experiences in the kitchen, along with easy and simplistic recipes that will be easy to follow and hope that they make their way to your tables for your families to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!!